B2 Hookah's™ unique threading systems allows for multiple usages. Whether you want to increase the size or decrease it for a travel kit, you can do so with a single turn of the thread. Your B2 Hookah™ set will be modular for up to 6 different sizes. With an additional down stem of 7”, you have the choice to use whichever fits your glass.
The B2 Hookah™ has been designed to self-cool using a patent pending design feature which allows air to cool through the metal. Each modular piece is uniquely designed with a “heatsink” feature. A heatsink is used to absorb the heat and dissipate it throughout the air. Take for example the top head, when the clay head is placed and charcoal is placed on top, this begins to heat up after a while. Sometimes it is too hot to touch the bowl, this heat gets transferred to the hookah which makes the smoke much more warmer which causes for loss of taste. This feature allows for the heat to be dispersed and for continued cool and enjoyable smoke throughout.
We have developed a very good pairing of down stem and purge valve sizes which gives our smokers the optimal smoke combinations. With one of the widest gauges in the market currently, these pair of sizes create a very tasteful smoke which will amaze you.
With our quality design, we wanted to assure you that you would not need another hookah after this purchase. We have designed our threading system to be exactly the same for any future products. These items will include separate pipes, custom designed pipes which you will be able to increase the length of your current hookah or c completely change the design without spending hundreds of dollars for a new hookah. Designs will include custom colors, engravings, and other add-ons. Please subscribe to our newsletter to get updates on our upcoming products.