Southampton, Aug. 30, 2022 / - B2B Growth Hub aims to continue its best effort to serve British businesses to connect, network and grow while offering to them a one-stop-solution for all their business growth needs – through a substantial community interaction. B2B Growth Hub hosts and leads a community of more than 386.000 members in the UK and the British Isles.  

In this framework, B2B Growth Hub looks forward to better manage its membership structure by providing:
-     An online (and print) Directory including all its members, which may register for free according to a self-defined sectorial, sub-sectorial, size and territorial database structure;
-     Create dedicated Clusters in order to respond to members according to their:
o     Most critical urgent needs;
o     Best preferred interests (create interest groups);
o     Growth objectives and market expectations;
-     Tailor opportunities for members in accordance with their best capacities and will to grow.

B2B Growth Hub aims to create the appropriate business ecosystem to supporting processes like:
-     Research, Market evaluations, Business Climate Assessment;
-     Issues Management and Public Affairs;
-     Products, Services and Processes’ Innovation, R&D.
-     Business scaling including
o     support with recruitment;
o     project financing and
o     internationalization of business activities, etc.

In order to be ready to deliver Technical Assistance on an organizational level to all interested members and group-members, B2B Growth Hub is planning to create a Pool of Experts with the participation of its most distinguished member companies, based on specific clusters.

In this framework all the registrations that the member companies shall make with the Business Directory – will be completed with the registration of their best advisers and key professionals (staff members), who shall offer to interested companies a first advise and an insightful guidance towards best solutions – to be further procured within the members community.

A new internal department offering high quality Procurement Services according to international standards shall support member companies to better meet their needs in reducing raw materials costs, overcome disruption of supply chains, replace imports from unreliable suppling markets/regions, etc.
In this framework, B2B Growth Hub aims to be a vivid supporter of the “Made in Britain” brand and of “Let’s Buy British” – buy local – campaign.

Serving at the same time a concept of national economic sovereignty with regard to alimentary products, energy supply and other vital products and services, B2B Growth Hub aims to foster its cooperation with institutional partners and national organizations; this approach shall aim also to help B2B Growth Hub Members with policy upgrades, regulation reviews, legal changes and other kinds of institutional interventions facilitating business success to British companies.

In the meantime, B2B Growth Hub has successfully activated a number of marketing instruments that reshuffle the traditional promotional techniques and channels, while enhancing their impact through an integrated approach which builds upon the strengths of digital marketing.
It is part of our vision to enrich the list of our marketing platforms with new additional formats of content production. We have confirmed with delight the effectiveness of the digital landscape. A fostered digital practice of marketing shall boost sales and take our joint action as members of one single community to the next level.

Moreover, an upgraded media relations process shall assist this effort based on new content for various multi-platforms.
Podcasts (incl. video interviews), photographic services, feature stories, blogs/vlogs and other web adoptable formats – shall be dedicated to individual and group members. Our goal is to provide national media incl. prominent outlets with content, voices, images, input, issues to report about and with our members’ brilliant journey towards growth.

B2B Growth Hub aims to be a stronger contributor than till now of the ESG business objectives aiming for sustainability, zero carbon footprint, enhancement of renewable energies etc.
We will invite our members to join our thematic promotional campaigns as well – based on the consumer goods giant Unilever's data which suggests that brands with a genuinely purposeful role in people's lives grow 69% faster than those without.

Our Goal is to add Value to our Members Activity and Success!