Our name says it all, at BAM Outsource our aim is to hit every campaign for our clients hard. That doesn't mean that we miss the subtleties of our industry it simply means that the campaigns that we run are explosive from the way we reach customers down to our results.

At BAM Outsource we don't claim to specialise in any particular type of marketing because we feel we specialise in all types of marketing. Whatever our clients needs, we'll do it, our flexibility is what makes us 1st choice for companies outsourced marketing needs. At different times we might be running business to consumer campaigns, promotional events and business to business services, sometimes we're running all three. It keeps us on our toes, it keeps our clients current and relevant, and it ensures success all round.

Our highly trained team come from many different industries, which means that they have specific knowledge that gives them the edge. It means that our campaigns are never generic because we have the know-how to fine tune everything to any industry. We've worked with so many we dare you to come to us with something new!

BAM Outsource has its origins in Manchester and Nottingham but more recently has expanded into Peterborough and the surrounding area. We're loving the city itself but more importantly the customers and clients we have had the pleasure of serving.

If your company is fed up of using a tired sales and marketing company, or perhaps you're looking to outsource your sales needs for the first time then we're confident that we can help. We'll sit down with your team and come up with a plan that is totally relevant to your aims, goals and targets. Feel free to contact our client care team on the details below