We embrace research and technology to bring state-of-the-art ideas, products and lifestyles to advance the health and well-being of people.  

BBC Innovations has been pioneering the way to mold together a lifestyle that combines technology with therapeutic methods to promote better health.
BBC Innovations creates fusions of products with safety, quality, and new technologies in mind by being one of the most certified brands in the industry:

BBC’s extensive line of products showcases a commitment made to the consumer to provide a wide array of options to fit any lifestyle.

The Luxury bidet series with patented enema wash and patented 3-in-1 nozzle system provides the most effective and health conscious bidet experience available. These advanced systems feature satisfying posterior, feminine, and enema washes as well as digital safety sensor, convenient wireless remote control or side control panel, ambient heated seats, warm air dryer, and an automatic deodorizer. BBC Innovations also feature the most energy efficient bidet seats available by only utilizing about half of what standard bidet seats in the same class consume.

The Economical bidet series features fresh water bidet attachments as well as the one-of-a-kind BB-i3000. These bidets efficiently utilize the invigorating power of fresh water to cleanse and promote better health. Quality ensured with silver brass valves and backed by a full year warranty, BBC Innovations’ line of economical bidet seat attachments are a quick and easy way to upgrade any lifestyle.

BBC strives to maintain its core position as one of the leading developers in the bidet industry.

• UL & cUL Certified
• CE Certified
• WARS Certified in U.K
• TUV GS Certified in Germany
• CCIB Certified in China
• Polish Institute of Hygiene Certified
• K.S Certified in Korea
• S Mark & JET Certified in Japan
• Water Mark Certified in Australia
• CB Certified
• Electronic and Sanitary Safety Certified in Russia

Our mission is to develop, expand and integrate an organization that can furnish products, programs, service, and support for our customers to meet their present and future needs.

To provide our customers, distributors and representatives with outstanding service of the highest professional and ethical standards, by being responsive to their needs and concerns and providing them with the best value in products for their application within the industry.

Please feel free to browse the various categories listed. This is representations our product and programs offered. If you have any trouble finding a system that fits your needs or have further questions call or e-mail any of our distributor in your area or contact one of our sales representatives at our main office. They will gladly provide assistance in finding answers for you..