Building Bridges for Youth Initiative (BBFYI) is a non-profit organization founded in 2016 and incorporated in Nigeria 2018 (CAC/IT/NO 119011) with an office in Abuja.  
The majority of our Youths are unemployed, under-employed, illiterate, idle, inactive, exploited and sometimes misguided. Others are unprivileged and deprived of opportunities, chances, and rights. They need to be uplifted and integrated for a better - functioning of the country. Every day it seems to have become a great challenge to our national security.
In other to utilize their potentials as agents of change, it requires educating and empowering them in various developmental skills, policies and supporting their participation at all levels to be self-reliant; taking into consideration their differences, the disparity in their potentials, and the differences in their choices
Youth empowerment is broadly employed to explain the various efforts aimed at providing coping skills and an enabling environment for youths to lead decent lives and contribute meaningfully to national development.  
Before our official incorporation, we had engaged in the reintegration of deported friends and individuals. We have assisted persons facing deportation as well as those who were deported to Nigeria from Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, Kenya and Ghana in the past.
BBFYI focuses on the various constructive roles (to) returned migrants - a socially stigmatized population seen as criminals and unemployable can play in rebuilding their lives while advancing the larger project of national development. It examines the experiences of a group of men and women in Nigeria deported from the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada and other parts of the world for criminal or Immigration offenses, who now seek to contribute to their home country and to redefine what it means to be a deported migrant.