Beverly Burton
School of Music
138-89 Francis Lewis Blvd.
Rosedale NY

My name is Ms. Beverly Burton and I am the founder and director of The Beverly Burton School of Music, which is located in Rosedale NY.

We are excited about sharing this musical experience adults and children in the Queens and LI community. We hope that this opportunity will prepare them to be active members of their community (churches, schools, Concert halls…) in a positive way.

At the Beverly Burton School of Music we provide the best teachers who hold their masters degrees from the top schools in NYC. We offer a high level of musical education in a well-rounded musical atmosphere where our objective is to:

·     provide teachers who share a common goal in the fine arts and self-  
                     expression with students and parents

·     provide life long musical learning.

·     provide teachers and resources that will extend musical creativity

·     have students leave every session with a strong sense of their musical
                    selves, their accomplishment and entrepreneurial enterprise.  

BBMS’s Music Program offers a broad curriculum of instruction in various instruments, percussion and voice. The philosophy of the program is to prepare the individual to become a proficient performer and reader of Western, Jazz, and Gospel music (other music in the African and Latin Diaspora). To accomplish this goal w have host a bi monthly concert series.

Private instruction and Current Instruments Offered:
·     Voice (Student must be enrolled in Chorus or Vocal Ensemble)
·     Piano / Organ
·     Guitar
·     Violin
·     Trumpet
·     Saxophone
·     Bass Guitar

Current Workshops offered:

·     Composing
·     Praise and Worship

BBMS’s bi- monthly Concert series are available to the public.  This series features seasoned  professional artist (vocalist, ensembles and instrumentalist) from our local area. There is a $15 charge for non- BBMS’s students. This concert- series is free to all BBMS’s enrolled students.  

As Community outreach - BBMS’s students will perform for Nursing and children’s home residents

BBMS’s Student recitals will be held at the end of every semester. All students are required to participate.  The recitals are free and open to the public.

BBMS’s provides a monthly newsletter. It will feature community musical opportunities as well as our students who push higher and harder on the musical ladder.  

I have been an educator in the NYC school system for over 5 years as a science and music teacher.  I have decided to open my very own music studio that offers a broad curriculum of instruction in various instruments, percussion and voice.