Beach Cities Health District is a local primary prevention agency dedicated to creating a social environment that supports healthy behaviors across all stages of life. Primary prevention focuses on promoting health and preventing disease.

Our array of wellness programs and centers are here to empower residents to make healthy lifestyle decisions. BCHD also supports local health promotion and disease prevention actions through our partnerships with city government, school districts, local businesses, nonprofit organizations and community groups.

BCHD has operated as a primary prevention agency for more than a decade. We provide innovative and evidence-based prevention programs and services to 123,000 residents across the lifespan, from the pre-natal period through adolescence to old age.

For more than 50 years, Beach Cities Health District (BCHD) has served the health care needs of beach cities residents. BCHD was created in 1955 when beach cities residents passed a bond measure to establish a special health care district in the South Bay. After four decades of operating South Bay Hospital, BCHD determined that increased prevention programming was necessary to reduce the impact of chronic diseases and changed its mandate from meeting the sick care needs of a community to providing preventive health care services.