BCR Associates helps businesses to improve their profits by helping them save time and money on their running costs.

I work with businesses every day to stop them wasting money on their essential spend such as electricity, gas, telecoms, insurance, water, rates, HR and health and safety. BCR Associates are independent experts in each of these areas with direct access to the major providers which means I have tariffs not available on the open market. BCR Associates know the market and save you the time trying to find better prices.

I provide a thorough and detailed review of a business's cost base at no charge and no obligation. 100% of the savings identified are passed onto my clients and average savings are in the region of 27%.

The review process is very simple - I review the bills that every business has, I look to identify opportunities to save money, implement any changes required on behalf of the client and manage the renewal process on an ongoing basis. Once this process is complete, I log all contract renewal dates and notify my clients of upcoming renewals to prevent them "rolling over" into a new contract at higher rates. I handle all negotiations, paperwork and supplier changeovers as required.

My aim is to help improve my clients profit without them having to do anything!