For over 30 years, BDI has been driven by a passion for great design. Founded by Bill Becker in 1984, BDI has built a reputation for designing beautiful furniture that embraces innovation and seamlessly integrates technology into the home. BDI's products can be found at finer home furnishings and consumer electronics retailers throughout the US and Canada, as well as Italy, the UK, Greece, Russia and more.

We work with some of the industry’s leading furniture and industrial designers, bringing fresh ideas to the marketplace.  Led by Becker as the Design Director, other designers include Dan Fritz, Al Glass, Louis A. Lara, Noah Packard, Mark Palmquist, Matthew Weatherly and Christian Wicha.

Our home theater cabinets set the standard for quality and innovation by beautifully combining unique styling with integrated features that extend the quality and life of A/V components.  BDI's collection of office furniture can be seamlessly configured for any home or small office, with features that integrate the latest computer and mobile technologies. The collection is completed with a selection of occasional tables, shelving and contemporary mirrors.  

Visit BDI online at bdiusa.com.