Burns Direct Web Services is an all in one web service company. We have been around for over 2 years and have assisted and worked with different people, companies and organisations around the world. From web design to I.T services, we have ideal services for you, your business, organisation, group, anything!

What we do
Our main services start off very basic and get very advanced. We specialise in web design (from website revamps to new starts, ecommerce to login systems, we have it for you), graphic design (from gifs, to portable network graphics, Photoshop to CorelDraw, we have fantastic graphics at very reasonable prices).
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Our goal
The goal of Burns Direct Web Services is to provide an easy, cheap and reliable platform for start-up businesses, organisations and people. This doesn’t have to be a start up business, organisation or person. This can be anyone.

What we can guarantee for you
If you were to use our web services, we would guarantee you the best uptime for your website, fantastic design and so much more.

Interested? Let us know of your web service needs today!