Stemma Books Ltd. is a new publishing source which launched its first publication "BEGOTTEN:  With Love" to rave reviews in March 2013.

The genre of interest:  Memoir: non-fiction and creative non-fiction.  The company's decision to cultivate inspirational stories about everyday people is driven by the appetite of the reading public to connect with stories of guts and glory in real times with real people.  The company's motivation:  to encourage others to find the true heroes in their own lives; to appreciate and understand the path of the immigrant in America; and to raise the level of awareness that each of us plays a vital role in the success of our family and our country.

According to statistics, 87% of Americans have a basic interest in learning more about their personal family history.  With 114 million baby-boomers reaching retirement in the next few years, preserving family lore and heritage for future generations has become a hot topic.  "BEGOTTEN:  With Love" is one of thousands of unique stories.  We intend to cultivate more.  After all, Every Family Has Its Story.

Stemma Books, Ltd. has already made a commitment to its authors and at this time is not accepting unsolicited manuscripts.