Business Evaluation Systems ,since 1973, has been involved in the appraisal of over 16,000 companies,covering almost every industry on a national and international basis, ranging in value from $50,000 to over $7 billion.

Our experience has qualified us to meet the requirements of the Appraisal Foundation, the Internal Revenue Service, lending institutions, and courts of law around the country. Two of the appraisals the company was involved in have passed the scrutiny of the World Bank. The appraisers in Business Evaluation Systems have sold over 1,000 businesses.

Business Evaluation Systems was the first company to develop Business Appraisal Software and over 60% of the business transfer industry has used that software. Input from over 450 trained Valuation Partners around the country that use our services and supply our exclusive data base has given us an unequaled knowledge of “Real World Appraisals” and data. In addition to business appraisals, Business Evaluation Systems also specializes in machinery and equipment appraisals, expert witness testimony, and litigation support worldwide.