Black Flight Collective Records, a major recording company. BFC will involve itself [and its partners] in the industries, not limited to - music, motion-graphics, clothing, print based media, social activism, youth outreach, education, cultural anthropology, etc.

Music, particularly Hip-Hop and R&B music, will be the primary focus of the Collective in this present day.  BFC has a total of four main artists, Young Scoe, Blake Go Wavy, Money The Legend, and Lil Juice. It is in our best interest to continue to tailor an experience that reaches men and women from ages as early as 18, to ages as late as 45+, via our artists.

On the topic of motion-graphics, from music videos to movies, with a target audience ranging from comedic to suspense and/or horror.

Clothing was the initial spark to the creation of BFC, and this branch will be focusing on innovative clothing that is urban yetl professional. Targeting a young audience around the ages of 18-35.

Print-based media is a necessity among any modern company. From small-scale promotional graphics, to full spread magazines and books, the collective looks to fuel efforts for innovation and entertainment with the still image as well and images in motion.

Social activism is an area that is inevitably intertwined with every other move a company makes, and we plan to be a clear and unequivocal symbol for the betterment of all those oppressed.
In order to truly embody all of the things that we speak about in our music, represent in our films and profess in our manuscripts, we must use every resource available to us for that very purpose. We must involve ourselves in the fight for equality, just as much as we involve ourselves in the entertainment.
-Black Flight Collective Media Team