The Fashion Umbrella is a member-based cultural art organization with an enhanced philanthropic concentration on education, work-life balance, and professionalism.  This organization focuses on preparing its members with the next steps in advancing their business ventures through education; scholarships; Industry Professional Networking; hands-on seminars; Work-Life-Dream balance; and participating in community events.

he Fashion Umbrella is also an organization created to raise funds through various means of fundraising initiatives to support its industry activities. These funds are raised by facilitating seminars/conferences and other initiatives.  Two of its fundraising initiatives is (1) Baltimore Fashion Week; and (2) UNDER - the petite fashion event.

Baltimore Fashion Week is the annual high fashion runway event featuring local, national, and international designers. This initiative celebrates annually the collective talents of artists and designers by bringing the fashion and arts community together.  This initiative aims to create a vibrant fashion community where designers can thrive, by providing a showcase of one-of-a-kind fashions.

UNDER is the petite fashion event geared to designers that create looks for the consumer that is at a height of 5' 7" or shorter.  Petite consumers within the fashion industry have spent up to $10 billion dollars over the past several years on petite sized clothing. The petite female alone represents 70% of the current United States population.