BGF, A member of BG Group. The first Thai brand under the Float Glass company in Thailand.

Established in 2014 sells import float glass product joint venture with an established global companyGlasTrschHolding AG from Switzerland.

Incorporated in September 2017, established a factory at Prachinburi, Production capacity 600 tons per day , Or 219,000 tons per year.BGF is the cornerstone of the BG family of companies.  BGF offers high quality clear and tinted float glass in French green and dark gray.  BGF also offers (EVA) Laminated, and Tempered glass  for custom order..  
BGF Mission
BGF never stops evolving in constantly creating to our customer needs. Cutting edge technology and ever changing international demands requires BGF to constantly grow with our customers to match their needs Ready to create cutting edge products in a variety of construction materials. BGF must meet the comprehensive needs of our customersto help improve the construction industry in Thailand and to grow into and international competitor.