BII Compliance is a leading global cyber security company providing global risk management tools and services to employees and companies.

Our team has an unparalleled reputation for providing a comprehensive range of security solutions to corporate members wanting to minimise the risks to their personnel, operations, profitability and reputation. From initial service delivery scope and strategy development through to detailed implementation, we deliver significant and tangible results.

We have outstanding knowledge transfer capabilities born out of proactive and reactive consultancy divisions. By adopting this approach BII are able to provide a truly specialised cyber security service to clients acting in effect as impartial project managers. We have a track record of success in very diverse sectors.

Purchasing indirect materials and services such as information compliance technology and temporary consultancy or managing basic processes are not considered core competencies in most organisations. As a result, these organisations commonly lack category management expertise across the broad array of indirect commodities they procure.

If your organisation faces one or more of these operational challenges, then your business may be ready to reap substantial savings by outsourcing one or more aspects of its procurement function. BII Compliance Procurement Solutions can deliver dramatic savings by helping your organisation to:

Source effectively

Since BII procures materials and services for many clients, new opportunities arise to save money by having access to deeper category expertise and aggregated agreements.

Connect with a larger base of suppliers

BII Compliance Procurement Solutions manages a broad pool of suppliers, which provides us with additional opportunities to capture lower prices and achieve a better fit with your procurement needs.

Operate more efficiently

We distinguish ourselves through exceptional levels of process rigor, discipline and control.

Address complex services spend

More than one-third of a typical organisation’s spend is on services, such as contractors, temporary labor, travel and marketing.

Leverage technology more effectively

BII Compliance Procurement has more access to—and greater proficiency in—leading-edge technologies. By outsourcing technology to BII Compliance Procurement Solutions, you can minimize the significant investment required to implement e-procurement and e-sourcing solutions. Additionally, BII Compliance draws on its experience with technologies and regulations to intensify supplier competition and deliver better prices.