BIORAY® kids liquid herbal drops are formulated using our unique Yaeyama Chlorella Micronization process. This proprietary process yields NDF®, which binds to toxins including heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, chlorine and BPA safely and naturally removing them from the body.*

BIORAY® kids liquid herbal drops provide natural kidssentials™ modern kids need to stay focused, keep calm,get happy and shine on.

Why worry about removing toxins in kids?

Toxins are everywhere in our kids air, food, water, and even on their clothes.

Kids are more vulnerable to toxic exposures than adults.
Exposure to toxins actually blocks the body from properly absorbing nutrients.
Toxins can negatively impact developmental processes causing outbursts, sluggishness, frustration, fatigue, "brain fog" and poor performance.
Exposure to toxins is unavoidable, but parents can take control of their kid's health by safely removing toxins - allowing their kid's body to function optimally - with BIORAY® kids liquid herbal drops.*