Bitsy isn't just another digital character; she represents a significant leap in blending advanced cybernetic aesthetics with the engaging traits of feline companions. Her design features a luxurious pale blue-gray fur coat with striking dark gray stripes, highlighted by hot pink tufts in her ears and a visually arresting piece of cybernetic technology around her left eye, adding both depth and futuristic flair.

In our ongoing effort to extend the influence and appeal of RetroKitty Coin (BITSY), we are excited to venture into the realm of publishing with the introduction of the BITSY Kids' Books Series. Scheduled for release in Phase 4 of our roadmap, these books are designed to educate young minds about the fundamentals of technology and cryptocurrency through captivating stories and vibrant illustrations. Featuring Bitsy's adventures, the series aims to make learning about complex concepts both enjoyable and accessible for children. This literary expansion not only broadens BITSY's reach but also plays a crucial role in nurturing a tech-savvy future generation, while emphasizing the core values of community and collaboration that BITSY embodies.