Pinnacle Real Estate Advisor is the premier mortgage team in Missouri. The Pinnacle Team was established in August 2014 by Chris Gianino, Bill Lally, and Joe Poropat. Pinnacle was founded from the need for a more streamlined residential lending process, and their believe that exceptional individuals working together can achieve greatness. In early 2016, the Pinnacle team positioned themselves with Gershman Mortgage, and currently lead several successful branch operations. The Pinnacle teams’ growth is centered upon identifying talented individuals, and strategically creating positions that cater to their abilities. Pinnacles’ vision is to become the top ranked mortgage team in the country by 2025, led by its innovative and synergistic culture.  

Mission - We are an experienced, passionate, and forward thinking residential mortgage team providing our clients superior service and value. We are experts in the local residential purchase space and continuously seek opportunities to establish the quickest contract to close timeframe in the industry We are dedicated to the continuous growth and development of our people and the team, and demonstrate peak unity during times of adversity. We are committed to discovering new technologies and leading the development and implementation of more advanced systems enabling the most efficient application process in the industry.