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As the Chinese economy continues to boom, more British companies are trading with China. Sometimes however it can be difficult for British companies to get the exposure and find way to the Chinese client. It also can be difficult to be found by prospective Chinese customers. British companies are highly regarded in China and it is ever more important to establish business operations or gain new clientele from such lucrative markets such as China.  Chinese companies themselves want to grow and expand to Western markets and require expertise of British companies, yet often don’t know where to look for the assistance they need.

Newcomer Directory Magazine is here to help you with getting the exposure to the Chinese market and gain new clients. Circulated in UK and in China it is essential read for Chinese migrants, short and long-term visitors such as students, business people, entrepreneurs, investors already in the UK, as well as China-based businesses and individuals with interest in the UK. Published twice a year, this Directory contains maps, important telephone numbers and useful tips. The publication focuses on content relevant to immigrants and is tailor-made for Chinese mindset. Regardless of the sector or specialism they are in, Newcomer readers will find its content to be relevant for them. The growth of China and increased interest of Chinese people in the UK has encouraged us to launch NEWCOMER.