BOWTIE SOUTH INC. is a Miami based full blown restoration shop that specializes in frame off restoration. At Bowtie South’s main facility located in the heart of Miami, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with one of a kind, show quality automobiles with the highest quality craftsmanship in automotive restoration. BTS has been built on the principals of honesty, quality and understanding our client’s expectations. At BTS attention to detail and quality is mandatory when fulfilling our clients’ dreams. The staff at BTS takes this to the highest level in the engineering, design, fit, finish and drivability of the cars they build. In our facility all of the final assembly comes together including interior, wiring, suspension and drive train. This blend of artistry and automotive expertise is performed by skilled technicians using state-of-the-art equipment. Whether you want to restore your favorite vehicle or shop for your dream car, BTS has it all, if not we will locate that dream car for you.

Since established in 2006, this auto restoration business has grown steadily. The BTS team has been known to put their hands on some of the industries most sought after build with a long list of satisfied and repeat customers. Our services are for the discerning owners, from all walks of life, who desire a vehicle designed exactly to their tastes that deliver unparalleled levels of performance.  Bowtie South’s uncompromising approach to auto restoration ultimately delivers an exclusive and desirable vehicle that is rarely seen in the high-performance luxury automobile market. Our deep roots in the community has enabled BTS’s client roster to include numerous NFL and NBA athletes who have sought out the perfection and attention to detail that Bowtie South is rumored to demand.

Our client roster is not limited to athletes, but celebrities, artists and car enthusiast as well. Avid car collectors have a tendency to ship their cars to Bowtie South from all over the country, knowing that once the car is completed, they will have a masterpiece that is guaranteed to appreciate with time. Each restoration is performed with meticulous attention to detail, rigorous quality assurance, and control which is the heart to our success. Upon building a car at BTS, you can expect the notoriety that has been known to come along with each and every car that has been build by the team at Bowtie South.

Although the plant specializes in frame off restorations from original to full blown show cars, the BTS team combines their years of knowledge and experience and strives to engineer quality and consistency in building muscle cars, MEGA trucks and custom bikes as well. Each finished project not only meets but exceeds our customers’ original expectations. At BTS, there is no such thing as a typical restoration project. Each build has its own history. When a prospective client arrives at BTS, a team is put together that will be responsible for the project from beginning to end. We evaluate each car, begin to research its’ history and envision the future. BTS prides itself on the most responsive and customer oriented facility in this industry. Our cars are designed for our clients’ desired taste, which will undoubtedly deliver unparalleled levels of performance wrapped in a unique timeless package.