Created in 1998, BRBTV is a web tribute, and a series of fun fact books, on certain classic 1980s television shows: primetime soaps "Dynasty" and "Dallas," the action-adventure "The Dukes of Hazzard" and the daytime soap "Santa Barbara." Founded with the mission of spreading "peace, love and useless information about television," BRBTV seeks to inform, with a solid journalistic expertise, on these shows and their stars, as well as a sprinkling of the TV world in general. Sticking to facts and not gossip, the BRBTV fact books are designed as look-it-up reference guides to have at your side if you're rewatching the episodes on cable or just reliving the times. BRBTV welcomes your comments or questions at comments@brbtv.com, and you can learn more at the BRBTV home page: www.brbtv.com. Learn more about BRB and her other work at her own home page: www.billierae.com.