Birmingham, AL Visionaries Take First Step to Restore Irondale’s Historic Whistle Stop District

Irondale, AL, August 19, 2012 - B. ROBINSON Trading Company TM is currently renovating a 5,400 Square Foot Historic Warehouse in the Heart of Irondale’s Whistle Stop District. Once completed, the facility will house vintage and Iconic merchandise, with southern roots, for marketing and sales the world over. Tentatively scheduled to open during fall 2012, the company will specialize in vintage vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, and clothing. They will also showcase artistic, re-claimed, vintage, and up-cycled merchandise which is hand-picked and hand-made by southern pickers and artists.
Kate Christian, company spokesperson said: “We scoured the Birmingham metro market looking for the right building and area, and when we discovered the understated beauty in the Irondale Whistle Stop District, we knew it embodied our cause.” Christian added:  “We feel the Birmingham metro area needs an artisan level vintage shop, and to really express our commitment to that, we knew our location also had to be indicative of our brand culture.”
B. ROBINSON Trading Company TM, scheduled to open during fall, 2012, will buy, sell, and trade vintage merchandise on an international scale, but will also open to the public by via special events, appointment, and market days.
Rose Robinson, co-founder, said: “We’ll strategically open our warehouse to the public so everyone can be a part of our culture, but our approach is to make the days count. We’re not a department store. People who search for unique vintage merchandise understand it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality.”

B. ROBINSON Trading Company was established in 2012 and is dedicated to the pursuit and preservation of America’s vintage and iconic goods. For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Rose Robinson at Rose@brobinsontradingcompany.com.