BSMReview.com is dedicated to next practices in business service management. Our goal is engage the professional community, the analysts and the practitioners, to examine emerging practices; analyze the value, scope and nature of business service management deployments; and create a vendor-independent forum for open discussion. We believe that only through an exchange of ideas that is unfettered from the revenue and branding objectives of vendors and from the research agenda of any one analyst firm can BSM become a dynamic contributor to the evolution of IT as a welcomed business partner within the enterprise community.

This website is focused on identifying the “next thing to do” to achieve a desirable level of BSM. Dialogue is open to whoever wishes to participate. There is no fee to join …no content that requires a subscription …and no censorship of reasonable ideas and questions. We welcome the addition of qualified contributors to our panel of experts. More importantly, we welcome the content contribution of any person, company or association that can move BSM forward in its goal of reducing IT’s cost, increasing IT’s efficiency and lowering IT’s risk as judged by IT’s customers …which are the business units.

We’re advocating that IT move beyond the restrictive BSM definitions associated with IT service desk technologies, performance metrics, or ITIL processes. While each of these elements is essential to any BSM initiative, BSM must create a laser focus on those IT deliverables that are meaningful to the business community. We’re thrilled to introduce BSMreview.com as the thought leadership web site for the critical and ongoing dialogue regarding Business Service Management.