When did the BUACA start andWhat is the BUACA all about ?
BUACA was founded in 2001 when it was realised that the potential force we could create with a bunch of like minded bikers using their lifestyle to help raise the awareness of child abuse in their communities, We have with the help of bikers nation wide to gain a good grip on the facts needed to address child abuse issues in our community, and to then harness the community together to better deal with child abuse, we also stimulate the awareness in us all, as its a common saying amongst the communities that if bikers are doing it, then everyone should be doing it, be it on their Harleys, or whatever bike they ride, the future reads that when you hear the roar of motor cycles you will remember child abuse, you will be reminded about child abuse, and you will also act on child abuse........
Who are your members, are they safe to be around children.?
Our members mainly consist of everyday community members, we have business men , labourers , truck drivers, Carers, managers, Health workers, Social workers, Government employees, every single member who applys to join our orginisation is asked to fill in a check-able membership application, and within six months of being a suport member they have the chance of obtaining a working with childrens safety check, we also use our own checks to accertain a member is qualified to be around children, It doesnt matter where you join the BUACA,  National security checks are processed on all members, no exceptions ever.......
What are some of the BUACA's Achievements?

Our Karratha chapter recently rode 5500 klms throughout remote australia to help us celebrate child protection week in Brisbane
We also have attended to or ran our own events nationally for over 7 years........

Where do you see the BUACA going in the near future?
We have grown dramatically over the last two years, Our membership spreads from many areas of Australia, we have five chapters at present with an interest in three more chapters in the near future, It would be wise to say that bikers are seeing the benefits of belonging to a group of bikers that prides itself on the many varied tasks it performs everyday every where within our communitie to the benifit of abused children.

We are slowly edging towards making the BUACA charity status so we can better perform the task asked of us, we also believe as a charity we can better support the many child abuse organisations that currently advocate for abused children nation wide,

We also will pay particular attention to assisting everyone that lives in remote Australia, It’s a massive concern for us to do what we can to raise the awareness of child abuse and domestic violence in remote Australia….

Does Our orginisation have a political view on how the government treats child abuse and domestic violence in remote Australia?

Bikers United Against Child Abuse prefers to act alone in its activities, not because of a gripe with the government, but more that these issues are community issues and as members of our community we need to show our government that we will not wait for grants or handouts to act, we will act now, and harness the power of our communities to be able to show other communities to do the same, our aim is to help facilitate the help that is available to remote Australia, We also expect to be able to share what we have learnt with our government as to show where most help is needed…….

Overall Objectives:
Raise funds for victims who have limited financial resources. This, in turn, enables the children to receive professional counseling and medical assistance.
•     Promote the awareness of the existence of child abuse in communities to heighten awareness of the problem and serve as a clear ‘hard edge’ deterrent for perpetrators to see in their communities.
•     Support children who have been abused to face their perpetrators at court and other intimidating events associated with disclosure. This is done by one or more members of BUACA accompanying young victims to courts and other venues where they must face their abusers.
•     Provide a point of contact for abused children by visiting communities throughout remote areas of Australia.
•     Act as a lobby group for abused children to government and para governmental agencies.
•     Act as role models for breaking the cycle of violence characteristic of the so called ‘Child Abuse Cycle’.
•     Facilitate communities to identify their heroes who have served their communities above and beyond ‘the average’ with respect to stopping the cycle of child abuse and/or assisting child victims of abuse.
•     Actively promote a sense of belonging and normality for abused children and encourage adults to ‘step up to the plate’ and be a Hero by ending the cycle
The world is a dangerous place,Not because of those that do evil. But more those,That look on and do nothing.....