BUTLUR.com is a service that helps men find thoughtful and unique gifts for the women in their lives.  Men can sign up to become a member for free just in time to get help on side-stepping one of the biggest gift-giving dilemmas known as Valentine’s Day.
The two brains behind BUTLUR are Brian and Jessica who met at Columbia Business School.  “Most men, including myself, don’t mind spending money to make women happy, but it’s difficult and time-consuming to find the perfect gift,” said Brian.  Jessica agreed, “Men typically lack the time and patience to discover emerging brands with unique backstories, but those are the kinds of gift that will impress women.”
BUTLUR’s solution is to carry an evolving selection of gift ideas that span from food to accessories to experiences:
Brand Partners:  New brands and family businesses that have quality products but lack marketing and distribution channels.
Gift Recommendations:  Members receive gift recommendations based on the questionnaire they fill out to join BUTLUR.
Special Touch:  Option to personalize gifts with engravings and monograms.