Diaper Cakes are the perfect baby gift idea for babies and their proud parents.
Handcrafted diaper cakes features quality diapers and decorated with essential baby care items.
Addition of plush toys amplifies the cuteness factor.
Let's make the world a cuter place for the little ones.

We at Baby Diaper Cakes N Gifts are proud to help you achieve just that.
All our diaper cake creations are thoughtfully and tenderly handcrafted with quality baby items.
The diaper cakes are perfectly suited for any occasions, from baby fullmoon and birthday parties, to baby showers and even festive celebrations.
Here are our latest creations:

* Snowy Christmas Diaper Cake
* Daddy's Girl Diaper Cake
* Got Milk? Diaper Cake
* Teddy on Motor Diaper Cake (girl)

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Some samples of our creations...

Christmas themed diaper Cake

1-tier diaper cake3-tier diaper cake 1-tier Halloween themed diaper cake