At Badass Poodle, we've made it our mission to spread the word that poodles are one hell of an underappreciated dog.  In stark contrast to their unwarranted stereotype, poodles are hard working, rugged, agile, and highly intelligent.  In fact, the poodle is perhaps the most misunderstood dog on the face of the earth.

Contrary to their spoiled, foo-foo image, poodles are sporting water dogs that excel at retrieving  downed game; herding dogs and trackers with exceptional instincts; war dogs that have served in the world's greatest conflicts; service dogs loved and implicitly trusted by their handicapped owners; sled dogs that have repeatedly run the toughest races; and yes, poodles are awesome show dogs, renowned for their poise, intelligence, ruggedness and agility.  Heck poodles just love to mix it up.

My name is Zoey James and I've been raising and training poodles for over 15 years.  It gives me great pleasure to share my knowledge and experience with you.  It's my goal to see that all poodles are truly appreciated and properly cared for.

At BadassPoodle.com , we try to set the record straight while providing fun and informative resources for both the poodle newbie and consummate veteran alike.

If you're serious about poodles, about the joys and challenges they bring, and about learning all you can on how to better co-exist with them, then we invite you to browse through our website, join our lively forum, sign up for our free newsletter, watch a video, comment on an article and generally get to know this remarkable animal a little better.  These dogs are badass!