Founded on June 15th, 2015 BadgerLoop has developed into a non-profit student innovation tank, consisting primarily of undergraduates at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dedicated to disrupting transportation through the medium of SpaceX’s Hyperloop competition, BadgerLoop is one of the only designs to accommodate a seated, full-sized adult human. The team wowed the public at SpaceX’s Design Weekend (January 2016, Texas) with and interactive electrical display, immersive virtual reality, and a hands-on magnetic demonstration – the competition’s only Halbach wheel propulsion system.

As one of 30 international design teams, we will present and test a scaled prototype at the mile-long test track in Hawthorne, California. In order to accomplish such a task, our student organization relies on diverse membership from both STEM and Business majors, as well as an accomplished body of industry and academic advisors. This project will culminate in the final Competition Weekend where our primary goal is to produce a fail-safe, passenger-friendly, scalable prototype that successfully levitates throughout the length of the test track. Beyond just the competition aspect, BadgerLoop is proud to collaborate and participate with premier researchers all over the globe, laying the foundation for the future of transportation.