Baesis was founded because there was a belief that there was a void left in the channel by the consolidation of Value Added Resellers (VARs) into parent companies such as Exact and Infor.  Baesis was created with the understanding that there was an opportunity to serve the SMB manufacturing community and build a company based on values and a customer first attitude. In August 2006, Baesis began to lay the groundwork of a company that is today, one of the largest Sage and MISys resellers in the United States. In 2009 Baesis merged with AXIXA absorbing its customer base and doubling its size and moved from Clinton to an office in Northborough, MA on 107 Otis St. In Spring of 2011, Baesis had doubled in size again and moved to its current location, 360 Church St in Northborough which is a 3200+sq ft. office complex and now also has an office in New York City on West 47th St. Continuing the company's expansion to better serve the marketplace in 2013, they added ERP & MRP software solutions, Sage 100 and JobOps. These products will help them better serve the manufacturing community in New England, New York, and the plain states by helping identify ways to increase productivity and profitability.

Baesis serves the SMB manufacturing community in New England and New York implementing such software as Sage 100, JobOps, Sage 50 for Manufacturing, and MISys.