The Metal Fabrication, CNC Machining & Heavy Engineering Experts - Baker & Provan
Do you need an engineering company based in Sydney who can help you with your CNC machining, fabrication and manufacturing requirements?

If you have a job that you require a high quality workshop then maybe we can help? If not, we can certainly tell you who can if we can not.

Baker & Provan specialises in metal fabrication jobs that require CNC machining, from small to large, light to heavy engineering. If you are looking for a high quality, engineering company that is ISO 9001 quality certified, with a proven track record, then Baker and Provan can help!

Baker and Provan are a highly capable manufacturing company who see their role as helping you meet your requirements in the following areas:

- Heavy fabrication
- Steel fabrication
- Stainless steel fabrication
- Aluminium fabrication
- Bisalloy welding and fabrication
- Other metal fabrication
- CNC Milling
- CNC Machining
- CNC Lathes
- Metal stitching
- Deep hole drilling
- and much more

Our engineering company is based in Sydney, was established in 1946 and is still a privately owned company. Baker and Provan's quality is emphasised by being a NATA accredited organisation, a Defence Recognised Supplier and an ISO 9000 registered company since 1999.

If what you've read so far is of interest, you can give us a call or review some of our photos highlighting heavy fabrication, weld repairs, CNC machining, CNC turning, engineering project management, deep hole drilling, repair and overhaul, metal stitching and reclamation work.

Why not check out our photo gallery and if youre even slightly interested in engineering we think youll be dazzled at some of the amazing metal fabrication, steel fabrication, welding, deep hole drilling and CNC machining photos weve successfully completed over the years.

If you need a high quality Sydney based small to heavy engineering company with fabrication or CNC machining capability then give Steve Zakaria a call today on (02) 8801 9090 . We look forward to helping you with your engineering needs.