Those who need help with financial challenges, such as overwhelming debt, collection agency harassment, legal threats or foreclosure are well-served by the lawyer team at The Law Office of Nikki Farrs. The firm serves the Butte County area with all types of options in debt relief, from bankruptcy, either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, through to the many alternatives to filing for bankruptcy. Mortgage problems, credit card debt, job loss, unexpected medical bills and financial problems from a divorce have become increasingly common throughout the country, and Butte County is no exception. Many in the area purchased a home that is now valued far lower than the mortgaged amount, creating difficulties when hoping to get a loan modification. It can be a shock to discover that the mortgage holder has no intention of refinancing your home, and that they will not offer an interest rate that is manageable. With legal assistance, it may be possible to bring these stresses to a final end and get a fresh start, whether through bankruptcy or an alternative.