Style, art, and community intersect.
Balance the Salon is a small hair salon and photographic gallery
established in early 2000. At that time, sustainability was not part
of the collective vocabulary as it is today but it was a governing
principle of Balance. The core mission of the salon has been to
succeed not by exploiting the community but to be an engaged member of
the community and support those who support you.
Balance does business on a human scale. Our product lines come from
small family-owned companies offering carefully sourced hair products
from ecologically responsible and sustainable manufacturers. The
distributor from whom we purchase our products is one of the last
family-owned distributors in our area. Even our coffee comes from is a
small, locally owned roaster. We also contribute to our global
community by recycling, using 100% wind powered electricity. Our
commitment to our craft and to our clients has earned very positive
ratings on consumer sites such as Yelp and Angie's List.
The studio was intentionally designed to be small and intimate studio
where staff and clients could build relationships. We don't want to
become a 10,000 square foot day spa. We don't want to be a number and
we don't want you to be a number. We enjoy building relationships with
our clients, our vendors, like minded businesses, and our community.
Art is an integral part of our environment.Our innovative space
doubles as a photographic gallery for local artists as well as small
community gatherings. Our workstations are on wheels to permit easy
emptying or reconfiguration of the space to host these events. As
shows change every few months, we invite clients and community to come
to the show and find out more about the artist. We recently hosted a
book signing /reception and companion show for photographer Mark
Chester's book Twosomes.

In addition to displaying and promoting local artists, we contribute
to our community by participating in various school fundraisers and
health services fundraisers. Our clients who are Kindergarten through
twelfth grade teachers receive a 10% discount as a thank you for
caring for the present and trying to ignite the future. We participate
in Loyola University’s annual cancer fund raiser "Relay for Life' by
cutting hair for donation to make wigs. We have also providing
numerous auction items to local organizations, including Roland Park
Elementary Middle School’s Art Auction, and the annual Planned
Parenthood fundraiser "Right to Shoes".
In 2011, we hosted our first fundraiser for Movable Feast, "Beauty and
the Feast". Movable Feast is a local organization which provides in
home nutritional support for people battling life threatening illness
such as cancer or HIV/AIDS. We are hoping to build on this event for
2012. We are also planning an event for fall with Wide Angle Youth
Media, a local non profit who teach high school students to express
themselves through photography and video. Also, in December, Balance will be hosting the second annual Beauty and the Feast fundraising event.

Balance is not static, neutral or boring.  It is the dynamic which allows opposites to work together for happy and exciting results. Edgy vs classic design, relaxing vs refreshing  atmosphere, and work vs life are all constants.  Giving back to the community is one way to better connect work and life.  We are too small and not profitable enough for impressive philanthropy, so we contribute in small ways.  Sharing  artwork and ideas with our clients, contributing  service gift certificates to various charity silent auctions, discounting service for K through 12 teachers, and periodic direct fundraising are all ongoing aspects of life at Balance.  We are grateful for the support the community has given us.  Thank you needs to be more than a parting comment after a service.