Balance: Wealth Planning provides financial planning advice to clients with fairly complex finances and not enough time or expertise to keep on top of it all.

They usually have household income of more than £100,000 or money saved/invested of more than £200,000. They might be facing some challenges like divorce or deciding whether to sell a business or retire. They could also have some challenging goals they want to meet, like travelling the world.

We help our clients uncover what is most important to them and what they want achieve in their lives. Then we recommend how to structure and manage their wealth so they have the best chance of success. We keep in touch with our clients regularly to make sure everything is on track and give them further advice as and when it's needed.

There’s a one-off fixed fee for our initial research and advice to get your finances into good shape. Then we charge a fixed monthly fee for an ongoing service. No extras. No commissions. Clear, fair and simple.