Good story telling is fine for campfires. Effective storytelling — whereby your story is written and placed in the media that matters — is something else entirely.

Balcony Media Group was founded on the premise that no one tells stories more effectively than seasoned journalists. People like stories. That's why our PR division is staffed exclusively with experienced reporters, feature writers and editors.

Why does this matter? Because the hard part of "public relations" is the "media relations." It's that journalist on the other end who must be impressed, and only a skilled news writer can craft press releases meaty enough to engage him. Only a shrewd freelance journalist can develop truly engrossing story pitches — engrossing enough to secure assignments from magazine editors who deal with hundreds of thinly disguised, flak-derived pitches every week.

We speak their language. As peers. We know what they want because we've sat at those desks. Most PR types haven't, and it shows. We have, and it informs a more sophisticated, more effective brand of PR.