Bang It Ammo LLC, is an online retail store for new and re-manufactured ammunition, weapons and accessories and is doing business as BangItAmmo.com.

Our company is licensed with ATF as an approved FFL dealer and SOT Holder, is registered in South Carolina as registered LLC, licensed as a retailer in the State of South Carolina, registered with the Federal Government for taxation purposes, permitted in the County of Greenville, SC and is member of the NRA Business Alliance.

The owner’s philosophy is quite simple; provide only “in-stock ammo” on the website, have no flash sales and allow folks to buy as much ammo as the company has in stock.  All of the pricing is based completely on what was paid for the ammo, how much time and travel went into acquiring the ammo and the current market conditions.  Nothing is sold at or below cost to get you in the door.  If something on the site seems priced high it is likely due to the fact we paid current market condition pricing for it to have it in stock as a courtesy to our customers. Don’t assume it was purchased it wholesale or bulk as it was likely not. The main company goal is to provide current market priced “in stock items”, not have a flash sale once per day for five minutes.

Nick (The Owner) is the main point of contact for all customer service related questions and concerns and can be reached directly by calling the main number, via Facebook or by email.  He is also actively involved in purchasing and shipping the ammo out of our warehouse directly to your front door.  He can be found most days in the warehouse office, strapped to his computer and most evening’s way past his bedtime at the kitchen table. He works night and day scouring the internet for deals, running orders, talking to customers or boxing up shipments with the warehouse monkeys.  On the weekends, he travels around the South East, drinks lots of coffee and catches as many gun shows or new store openings as possible to purchase hard to find items (in bulk if possible). He does this so he can provide them for sale to folks who have to work for a living or cannot run back and forth to the big box stores every day