World's first specific opportunity location network for high finance transactions.


Banker Bay is an opportunity network for high finance transactions. In a 5-8 step process, consuming 3-5 minutes of their time, Banker Bay helps members raise capital, buy and sell companies, locate potential investments and deals and new clients. While professional networks and other platforms help connect people and professionals, Banker Bay helps connect specific opportunities in finance. It is designed to streamline the location, promotion and analysis efforts of deal professionals, while maintaining complete confidentiality for its members.

Banker Bay uses a powerful, custom built software and a global network of finance professionals, to match requirements entered by members.

The end result is that members spend a few minutes iterating their requirements and Banker Bay then brings to them specific opportunities that match their stated criteria. We therefore provide HIGH QUALITY introductions only and insulate you from market “noise”.

Banker Bay also provides members with the option to utilize its global network of investment bankers to manage and close transactions in various countries.

Banker Bay isn’t designed or meant to replace in person meetings. It is simply a tool to better source information and opportunities.


We help you find prospects while you maintain complete confidentiality of your requirement and information. You provide Banker Bay with no names, identities, transaction details or any other information that may require you to execute NDA’s with receiving parties or constitute a material disclosure. You simply provide us with deal parameters such as Location, Sector, Deal Size, Average Annual Revenues, Market Cap and relevant Stock Exchange (for listed companies). There is no additional information required to make use of Banker Bay’s network. You make NO MATERIAL DISCLOSURES by the use of Banker Bay.



Banker Bay is used by professionals at central and commercial banks, venture capital and private equity firms, fund of funds, insurance companies, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, investment banks, corporate finance advisories, private wealth management firms, family offices, CFO’s and decision makers of companies seeking to raise capital, accounting and audit firms, law firms and more, across North, South and Central America, Europe, Asia Pacific (including China), the Middle East and Africa.

We service the deal sourcing requirements of professionals in every major financial center – New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, New Delhi, Zurich, Johannesburg, and other cities.

Our members represent every section of an organization’s hierarchy.

Please visit our MEMBERS page for a better understanding of who our members are.


Banker Bay is presently supported financially by its founders.

Banker Bay is open to participation of third party investment firms and individuals as investors in Banker Bay, in lieu of equity holding in the company.

Should you wish to discuss a potential investment into Banker Bay, please write to ash.narain@bankerbay.com


Our deal pipeline is a little under $6 Billion. A large portion of this comes from North America, Western Europe and South East Asia.

Our focus is to provide you with high quality introductions only. To that end, we have a pre defined criteria sheet that members fill out and we only introduce prospects that hold a very high degree of match.

We presently hold corporate finance, project finance, mezzanine finance, private placement, private investment in public equities (PIPEs), mergers and acquisitions (M&A), restructuring, distressed, asset level and fund level opportunities in the following sectors:

Oil and Gas, Mining, Cleantech, Renewable Energy, Entertainment, Digital Media, Commercial Real Estate, Residential Real Estate, Luxury/Lifestyle, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals , Healthcare, Technology, Internet Portals, Hospitality, Films,  Steel, Iron Ore, Gold,  Solar Power,  Wind Power, Hydro Power, Coal, Natural Gas, Telecommunications, Wireless, Health and Fitness, Industrials, Aluminium, Chemicals, Copper, Industrial Metals and Minerals, Silver, Synthetics, Advertising, Air Services, Apparel, Auto, Broadcasting, Computers, Ecommerce, Drugs, Education, Electronics, Food, Gaming, Home Furnishing, Aviation, Services, Publishing, Research, Shipping, Trucking, Toys, Retail and more

Simply tell us of your requirement and we will come to you should we find something relevant!