At Banyan Treatment Center, our mission is to help those struggling with substance abuse and addiction reach their goal of a healthy, happy and productive sober life through an array of professional treatment services. Unlike other treatment centers, we believe that it’s our treatment program values –  what our patients come to know as the Banyan Difference that makes us a successful rehabilitation and treatment center. Our individualized treatment plans ensure each client is receiving the highest standard of quality care. And care matters. We offer 4 distinct treatment programs for all walks of life.

Our drug and alcohol treatment programs provide an alternative to traditional treatment plans as a step down from a higher level of care. We emphasize and try to instill the importance of consistency, accountability, and responsibility along with the vital importance of a 12-step program in daily life to achieve the goal of sustained sobriety. The treatment plan is just part of the recovery process.

We offer real care, because beating addiction is about more than just a treatment plan. Our treatment specialists work with patients to give them the confidence they need to overcome addiction by finding their inner strength. Our patients lead more meaningful lives with the guidance of Banyan treatment specialists. Together we are stronger.

At Banyan Treatment Center, we believe in giving our clients all the tools they need through our complete continuum of care, so when they return to normal day to day life, they will be productive members of society.

Our treatment specialists know that the first step can be the most difficult. To admit that a substance has control any part of your life is not easy, but this is the beginning of the healing process. Our treatment program and treatment plans are the map to a better, fuller life without addiction. We work with family, friends, and patients to start the process of recovery. From the first call or visit, we offer our support and experience in an effort to provide as comfortable a transition as we possibly can.

Our new Mental Health Program, located at our Boca Raton, FL facility, will be opening in November 2017.