Uniquely talented Barbara Reed develops memorable characters either for the screen, or for her mystery novel series.  Reed takes the viewer closer to protagonist Liz Hanlon by recording her "Live concerts".  Barbara Reed, an accomplished jazz, R&B, and Pop singer and keyboardist, recently released her latest CD, "On Stage," which includes several original songs written for and about the characters in her first novel, "High Notes Are Murder."  In the book, protagonist Liz's discovery of her cousin's body at the foot of the stage where she is to perform leads to the exposure of mob heist twenty-five years ago.  But Liz also finds a surprise:  the connection of her favorite uncle to the infamous crime.

"Harmonic Deception" opens on the star-studded night of Liz's CD release party.  She faces a brutal female gang member who believes in her twisted mind that Liz is the cause of her unfortunate life.  Liz unravels the girl's skewed logic, but discovers she herself also has a thirst for revenge.

Both novels in the series are under consideration for television series production at this time.  Reed's latest CD, "On Stage," is available on Amazon, and at: www.BarbaraReed.org.