The BariLifestyle application has been developed to optimize the Bariatric and Over-weight community members experience, enabling to easily to interact and enjoying from a rich information to take on life’s greatest challenges and opportunities by tapping into the wisdom of those who’ve gone through the process.

The BariLifestyle application is the world's first Bariatric, overweight application and it's going to change the game rules - BariLifestyle is a unique wellbeing application on the market, a powerful solution connecting the Bariatric and the overweight community with health and fitness professionals around the world. Empowers the community with unique and revolutionary user-centric functionality, making information affordable and accessible to everyone, anywhere and anytime.

The BariLifestyle application combines different types of functionalities designed to deliver unique social and fitness capabilities, designed to meet the needs of our users.

The purpose of the BariLifestyle application is to promote healthy lives and wellbeing for the Bariatric and Over-weight community, everywhere, any time at all ages, helping the Bariatric community to succeed in the post-operations and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives.