We are a Global Relocation company located in Barcelona which offers a start-to-finish moving services to students, individuals, families and companies who wish to relocate to Barcelona.
Knowing the hassle and time consuming that moving from counties imply, our company was created having in mind all the necessary actions by coordinating and supporting our clients in every step on how to move to Spain.
We are proud of our commitment to quality and high-end standards yet still at an affordable rate. Our staff and partners are sensitive to our client’s requests and worries, as we are aware that what is perceived as normal in one country can be quite different in others and there is where we intervene to help and assist: we can provide easy, direct and quick information that could be quite hard to find by the clients themselves.
To ensure a faultless relocation to Barcelona process, we have partnered with some of the best professionals in this business mainly in the following services, such as: Temporary accommodation & Home Finding, administrative support, moving management, healthcare services, family assistance, studying in Barcelona, vehicle formalities and cross cultural training. If you are interested in knowing more, please our website to view our full business relocation services list.
When relocating, people have the need to quickly grasp the sense of belongingness in their new community as it play an important part of feeling comfortable and safe. And for that reason, we are honoured for offering a complete relocation service, from information about real estate in Barcelona to the best practises for living in Barcelona, warranting our clients that nothing is left forgotten during their relocation to Spain and certify that the clients can start immediately their daily routine as smoothly and quickly as possible.
Apart from our services, we aim to be the most transparent and resourceful moving company in Spain and that can be seen through our website which provides a complete explanation of what to expect when moving to Spain.
Either you have already decided to move to Barcelona or still considering moving to Spain, feel free to contact us and we’ll be glad to assist and guide to the best solution for you.