Barobo, Inc. is the leader of educational robotics for learning math and computer science.  Barobo develops robotics hardware, software, and curriculum for hands-on learning math and problem solving through coding and robotics. Barobo provides the simplest approach to programming multiple robots, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi. Linkbot, the company's flagship product, allows teachers and their students to think beyond their textbooks and apply the math concepts they are learning to the physical world. For at-risk and gifted students alike, Barobo robotics technologies and curriculum can significantly increase their math performance and readiness for college and career.

Barobo is a University of California, Davis spin-off educational robotics company, funded by grants from the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program of the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Barobo's flagship product, Linkbot is a reconfigurable modular robot. It was invented with its simplicity and versatility for hands-on learning math and problem solving through coding and robotics. Once fully recharged, Linkbot can be used all day long for multiple class sections without interruption. Each Linkbot is a building block. Multiple Linkbots and accessories can be easily snapped together, without special tools, to create different Linkbot systems for various tasks and projects. Linkbot can be easily integrated with all kinds of off-the-shelf sensors through easy-to-use Barobo Arduino and Barobo Raspberry Pi. Linkbot can also be linked with Lego parts and controlled together with multiple Mindstorms NXT/EV3 in a single program. Barobo educational technologies are being increasingly deployed in classrooms, Makerspaces, and afterschool programs worldwide.