Barrier1 patented "Intelligent Threat Management" in real time platform inspects, analyzes, learns, and reacts within 12 microsecs. The process includes inspection and analytics of all internet traffic, traffic types, traffic protocols, and etc. Barrier1 takes attributes on a continous real time basis and adds them to our on board "AARE" analytics engine.  This part of the process is able to detect the never-before-seen, mutated, and polymorphic attacks that are happening today. Barrier1 delivers machine learning and reaction to the entrance or point of impact.

Our focus is network security and we service multiple vertical markets.

Barrier1 has been tested on live networks while in a 2nd position behind all of the well known companies in the Individual Point solutions, UTM, NGFW, Sandboxing, and cloud solutions. In every case, Barrier1 has proven to be more Effective, Accurate, Faster, and Affordable.

SC Magazine has selected Barrier1 as Innovator of the Year for perimeter security in 2012,2013,2014. In 2014 Barrier1 was inducted into SC Magazine Hall of Fame.