Baseball BBQ came to be one summer when grilling went south after the handle broke off the grill fork. In walks Charlie.  A 13-year-old kid and ballplayer. He picked up a cracked bat, inserted the grill fork and the rest is history. Baseball BBQ makes product for the obsessed. Even sets called Turn Two, Triple Play, and Grand Slam.  The tools feel right, play tough, and look great from ballpark to backyard. The 17 x 17 full size home plate cutting board launched fall 2021 selling out in record time.  The full line of products include: Slider Spatula, Forkball Fork, Hook Pigtail, Pickoff Opener, Splitfinger Tongs, Brushback Scraper, and cutting boards (Home Plate, Hot Corner, and Sweet Spot serving board).

Featured on Fox News “The Five at Five,” Baseball BBQ made a home run with audiences not only for the one-of-a-kind look and feel, but the custom engraving offered on all products.  Currently, Baseball BBQ is licensed with MLB Players, Inc. MLB and MiLB are forthcoming. All collegiate is available.

Publicly launched at the Field of Dreams game in August 2021, Baseball BBQ keeps America’s favorite baller pastime front and center in the kitchen or at the grill year-round. Located in Oregon, the wood handles and cutting boards are locally made and all products are assembled and shipped out from the Baseball BBQ clubhouse in Bend, Oregon.