Baseline Industrial Construction Inc. was formed in 1997 by Al Irvin and Mark Aldridge. The two had developed a merging of skills that complemented each other and made the projects they worked both enjoyable and productive. It seemed logical then that they should take those skills into the market place with Baseline Industrial Construction Inc.

From the beginning Mark and Al established a track record of successful completions on projects with a difficult, unusual or one of a kind nature. Keeping with the formula that had served them well, Al handled field operations, while Mark estimated and managed the projects.

Al's background as a pipe fitter superintendent has taken him from the Portland shipyards where he started to general superintendent on multi-million dollar national gas pipeline expansion projects.

Al's skills lay in project productivity; Al has the rare ability to get more production from a crew than other superintendents could with the very same people, through planning every detail, seeing to every need, and careful monitoring, his crews perform well above standard expectations.

While Al's experience was earned coming up through the ranks of the trades, Mark's background and strength come from project management. Specifically, creative "outside the box" solutions to one of-a-kind construction problems are their specialty. Graduating with degrees in civil engineering and industrial management Mark has managed a wide variety of projects. These projects have common themes, they were interesting, they were difficult, almost all involved water in some aspect and surprisingly a great many were fish related.

These same threads continue today in Baseline Industrial. In the ten years since Al and Mark ventured out, they have completed over 650 separate projects and while many are normal everyday construction, a significant amount are one-of-a-kind, never done before, unique solutions to client's difficult, seemingly impossible, construction needs.