They call it their “Total Solutions”. Basic MVP Marketing and Investment Group is a marketing company that offers a wide range of world-class products and services so families can build wealth and take a firm stance against any recession. They focus on one family at a time.  

Their goal is to strengthen the economy by helping customers become financially independent. Their products and services were uniquely selected to help customers get out of debt, improve their credit, save for retirement, protect their assets, and build wealth. Basic MVP Marketing & Investment Group offers the following products:

•Credit Restoration: http://www.basicmvp.com/credit_restoration.html
•Debt Settlement:
•Do-It-Yourself Loan Modification Software
•Do-It-Yourself Estate Planning
•Identity Theft Protection
•Real Estate Investor Courses: http://www.basicmvp.com/wealth_education.html
•Investment Courses (Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds)
•Debt Elimination Courses

The Business Opportunity- Basic MVP Marketing & Investment Group offers more than just incredible products and services. The company offers their customers the opportunity to become Independent Business Owners; authorized to sell their products and services.

The Independent Business Owners can build their wealth while taking pride in knowing that he or she will have the opportunity to help families build for their financial future.