Hounds come to BHRSC for many different reasons. The lucky ones lived with loving families but were surrendered due to family hardship such as a financial crisis or serious illness. Some are found abandoned and wandering the streets tired and hungry, while others are rescued from shelters where they are slated to be euthanized.

Upon arrival, each hound is provided a wellness exam to assess overall health and any necessary medical care is performed so they are in tip top shape when they head to their forever homes. For most hounds this minimally includes vaccinations, spay or neuter surgery, dental cleaning, and microchipping.

Sadly, many hounds arrive in pain, suffering from multiple, and sometimes life threatening, medical issues. These hounds need extensive medical attention which can mean visits to specialists, surgeries and long recovery periods. Without BHRSC, these hounds would be labeled “unadoptable” and be at high risk for euthanasia.

Each hound is also given a behavioral evaluation which allows us to identify and address any potential behavior issues before they find their forever homes.

Once the rehabilitation process is complete, we take care to match the hounds with loving forever families that will lavish them with the love and affection that every hound deserves.