"Secure your Castle, Achieve your Dreams" with the guidance of Marc Bautis, independent wealth manager who demonstrates a commitment to his clients and exceptional service.  Bautis Financial will help create and implement a comprehensive or segmented strategy that will help you achieve your financial goals.  Below are a few of Bautis Financial's areas of expertise.

Retirement Planning
In the past, most Americans have relied on personal savings, Social Security, and private pensions to provide income after they retire. Many factors currently threaten this practice. Social Security may be around when you retire; however, the income from social security may not be enough to sustain your standard of living through retirement. The number of companies providing traditional pension plans is dwindling. With life expectancies increasing people must find ways to fund those additional years of retirement. It is never too early to start planning for retirement and the earlier you plan the easier it will be to achieve your goals.

Asset Management
The number one way to meet your financial goals is to have the proper asset allocation in place to minimize your risk while maximizing your returns. Navigating todays financial landscape is difficult, if not impossible without the help of a professional. There are many options available to invest in including: Stocks, Corporate Bonds, Mutual Funds, Government Securities, Hedge Funds, Real Estate, Commodities, and Exchange Traded Funds are a sampling.

Education Planning
A college education is one of the greatest gifts a child can have; however, after a home, the cost of a college education is the largest expense a family will undertake. To put a newborn today through a public college it will cost over $150,000 and if they are going to a private school it can cost over $300,000. The outlook does not have to be that bleak. The most effective way to pursue your education goals is to start the planning process now with Bautis Financial.

Estate Planning
The primary objective of a comprehensive estate plan is to make sure that the maximum value of a person's estate (everything solely or jointly owned by a living person) reaches the intended beneficiaries. Many people believe that having a Will completes the estate planning process; however, a Will does not cover all aspects of estate planning. In addition, many people do not plan their estate in the most tax efficient manner. By using the tools of Trusts, The Will, Joint Ownership, and Lifetime Gifts, Marc Bautis will work in conjunction with an attorney to ensure that your wishes will be fulfilled.