From Zero to top within five years. Since 'Bavarian Beerhouse London – German Restaurant & Bar - has opened its doors in 2005, it has accommodated more than ½ Million happy customers such as residents, companies and city workers. It is UK's best-selling Erdinger wheat beer bar, Krombacher lager beer and Jägermeister liquor Restaurant & Bar. It celebrates the 'longest Oktoberfest in the World' which takes place up to 8 weeks in a row each year. It runs an external 'Event Catering' unit bringing German Events to all places in UK – serving even the British Army. Bavarian Beerhouse employs almost 100 people from over 15 countries worldwide.
But Bavarian Beerhouse is not only a German Restaurant: it is a group destination venue in the leisure and hospitality market. It was the first German Restaurant in UK and has raised massive awareness since its beginning – today's popularity of 'German Bierkellers' started with Bavarian Beerhouse.

Bavarian Beerhouse concept is a mixture of:

Authenticity: All beer and food - such as meat, pork shanks, sausages, pretzels and bread - is imported from Germany. Bavarian Beerhouse has its own refrigerated truck driving to Germany once a week to guarantee that our meat is the freshest. All Service & Bar staff & Kitchen Head Chefs are German speaking.

Entertainment: Table service is provided by charming waitresses wearing traditional Bavarian costumes, so called "Dirndl". The waitresses are the translators guiding our guests through an 'exotic German menu'. Have you noticed: Early 2011 we hired the first waiters in Lederhosen looking after our female guests.

Experience: Experience Germany. Enjoy a night at "Dirndl Disneyland"! You think Germans have no humour? Give us a try.

Bavarian Beerhouse is an ambassador for Germany with its 2 venues "Old Street" and "Tower Hill". After the huge success from day one and proven figures, it is time to expand into Franchise all over UK and Ireland – within the first weeks an enormous amount of applications were received. The story continues nationwide. Watch out for "Prost".