Bay Technologies has been developing software for 15 years in the areas of bespoke software development and large-scale infrastructure projects (SOE deployment, Architecture, Outsourced Operation). Between 1999 and 2001 Bay was a Microsoft gold partner and an award winner in the area of Workflow. This was with our work with the Australian Taxation Office, the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and the Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure.

In early 2002 we completed a project with the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines (now Department of Environment and Resources Management) that eventually led to the creation of a Ministerial and Executive Correspondence product.

In early 2003 we also implemented a Case and Investigation Management and Tracking system, into the Compliance unit of the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Water. Since this implementation this product has now been employed in a number of other Federal, State and Local government bodies in Australia.

Today we are among a handful of elite software product suppliers to the regulator market. This has led to such agencies as the Queensland Department of Primary Industries, Department of Emergency Services, Department of Housing, Department of Public Works and Brisbane City Council, to name a few, using Bay as their preferred supplier for regulatory and compliance systems.


Bay Technologies' goal has always been to be the leading Compliance and Governance software provider for government agencies in Australia.